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Living in 3rd Grade #6 Guess My Food

Guess My Food


Figurski KIDDLES

(Reposted from Figurski Wiki February 4, 2011)

(Names are changed to protect the infamous.)

Writing KidsthIn English, my 3rd graders learned to write good paragraphs. They learned that when they use good, descriptive words, it makes their writing come alive. Their words can jump off of the page. They want their audiences to be able to see their words … like a movie. They want their readers to be able to make vivid pictures in their minds. It’s more fun reading that way.

They tried this skill out today with some riddles about a “Surprise Food.” They  chose any food they wanted. Then they had to describe the food using adjectives. They could tell what it looked like, what it smelled like, and what it tasted like. They could tell how it was cooked or where it grew. They were encouraged to provide as much description as they wanted, but their goal was to try to make me (Mrs. Figurski) think. They did a good job, but I was  definitely stumped on a few.  Go ahead and try it. See if you can figure out the riddles.

Bon Apetit!

It is long and thin. It can be yellow or white. People like it with meat. It is smooth. When you make it, you start with hot water in a pot. It can be a foot long. It is yummy. What am I? by Silver

Mushroom thThis food is brown and sometimes you eat it with pasta and chicken. Most children don’t like it. I found it in the grass this summer and it’s poisonous sometimes. by Penguin

The food is white. It smells good. It’s soft. You can make it with sugar and milk. It tastes good. by Gold

It’s light green. It’s very crunchy. You can dip it in sauce. You can put peanut butter on it and raisins, too. It can be put in salads. It can be soft and mushy. It can be fresh and with salt. It’s a very healthy and yummy treat. by Stingray

This food lives under the sea when it’s alive. Like an octopus, it has suction cups. It also is a character in Sponge Bob. It can be any color. by Shark

This food is sweet. Nobody is allowed to eat it until after lunch or dinner. The color of it is brown. It may have peanut or almonds in it. It is a kind of candy. Kit Kat and Twix are made out of it. It starts with the letter C. by Tiger

It’s green outside. It’s greenish-whitish on the inside. It’s crunchy! It has white seeds in it. If you don’t like the skin, you can always peel it. by Rabbit

This food can be sold in a truck. Children love it. It comes in different flavors. Eat this food quickly, but not too fast. You might get a brain-freeze. This food melts. by Violet

This food tastes good. It looks green. It looks like an oval. When you bite it, it tastes juicy. It can be small. by Lion

The food I’m thinking about is orange. If you squeeze it, you will get juice. It is round and small. You have to peel the skin. What is my food. by Coyote

For dessert I ate a very good food. My food tasted sweet. It felt cold and Cotton Candy thsmooth. It smelled like chocolate. My food was very yummy. by Cheetah

It’s usually pink or blue. It’s soft and it’s on a cone. It’s pretty big, but not large. If it gets wet, it will not taste as good. It’s yummy. Yummy! by Dolphin

It’s from a tree. Its color is brown. Its shape is an oval. You can find it in Hawaii. by Wolf

It is brown and looks like a sphere. It feels squishy. You can put ketchup on it. It is made out of meat. What is it? by Monkey

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  1. I adore and love your blogs Donna!

    Comment by Valerie Piatkowski | March 19, 2013 | Reply

    • Val, you are so sweet to say so. I adore that you read them.

      Hugs, Donna

      Comment by donnaodonnellfigurski | March 23, 2013 | Reply

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