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Living in 3rd Grade #7 Vocabulary is in the Air

Vocabulary is in the Air


Figurski KIDDLES

(Reposted from Figurski Wiki March 22, 2011)

Our language is made up of many wordsth. Some convey the most simple message.

The dog ran down the street.

Certainly that sentence gives the reader a specific picture, but not a colorful one. It leaves a lot to the imagination of the reader who is expected to fill in the missing parts. The sentence borders on boring.Dog th

By playing with words, children are experimenting with ways to make their language more vivid. They use words to create movies in their heads. This will surely result in more fascinating writing that will  jump off the page. In order to accomplish that task, children need to choose more picturesque words.

Look at this sentence.

                 The brown dogrunninghe9dog galloped down the crooked street. 

It’s more vivid and easily allows a clearer image to be conjured.

I asked my class to play with words. I gave them a set of stimulus words (in bold) and asked to think of more visual words.

Look at their work below.

ran — dashed, raced, rushed, sprinted, zoomed, galloped, bolted
picked — plucked, snatched, yanked, grabbed
jumped — leapt, hopped, skipped
flew — glided
yelled — screamed, scolded, yelped, screeched, hollered, shouted, snapped, barked

For HomeFun, they will work on the following words.


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Living in 3rd Grade #6 Guess My Food

Guess My Food


Figurski KIDDLES

(Reposted from Figurski Wiki February 4, 2011)

(Names are changed to protect the infamous.)

Writing KidsthIn English, my 3rd graders learned to write good paragraphs. They learned that when they use good, descriptive words, it makes their writing come alive. Their words can jump off of the page. They want their audiences to be able to see their words … like a movie. They want their readers to be able to make vivid pictures in their minds. It’s more fun reading that way.

They tried this skill out today with some riddles about a “Surprise Food.” They  chose any food they wanted. Then they had to describe the food using adjectives. They could tell what it looked like, what it smelled like, and what it tasted like. They could tell how it was cooked or where it grew. They were encouraged to provide as much description as they wanted, but their goal was to try to make me (Mrs. Figurski) think. They did a good job, but I was  definitely stumped on a few.  Go ahead and try it. See if you can figure out the riddles.

Bon Apetit!

It is long and thin. It can be yellow or white. People like it with meat. It is smooth. When you make it, you start with hot water in a pot. It can be a foot long. It is yummy. What am I? by Silver

Mushroom thThis food is brown and sometimes you eat it with pasta and chicken. Most children don’t like it. I found it in the grass this summer and it’s poisonous sometimes. by Penguin

The food is white. It smells good. It’s soft. You can make it with sugar and milk. It tastes good. by Gold

It’s light green. It’s very crunchy. You can dip it in sauce. You can put peanut butter on it and raisins, too. It can be put in salads. It can be soft and mushy. It can be fresh and with salt. It’s a very healthy and yummy treat. by Stingray

This food lives under the sea when it’s alive. Like an octopus, it has suction cups. It also is a character in Sponge Bob. It can be any color. by Shark

This food is sweet. Nobody is allowed to eat it until after lunch or dinner. The color of it is brown. It may have peanut or almonds in it. It is a kind of candy. Kit Kat and Twix are made out of it. It starts with the letter C. by Tiger

It’s green outside. It’s greenish-whitish on the inside. It’s crunchy! It has white seeds in it. If you don’t like the skin, you can always peel it. by Rabbit

This food can be sold in a truck. Children love it. It comes in different flavors. Eat this food quickly, but not too fast. You might get a brain-freeze. This food melts. by Violet

This food tastes good. It looks green. It looks like an oval. When you bite it, it tastes juicy. It can be small. by Lion

The food I’m thinking about is orange. If you squeeze it, you will get juice. It is round and small. You have to peel the skin. What is my food. by Coyote

For dessert I ate a very good food. My food tasted sweet. It felt cold and Cotton Candy thsmooth. It smelled like chocolate. My food was very yummy. by Cheetah

It’s usually pink or blue. It’s soft and it’s on a cone. It’s pretty big, but not large. If it gets wet, it will not taste as good. It’s yummy. Yummy! by Dolphin

It’s from a tree. Its color is brown. Its shape is an oval. You can find it in Hawaii. by Wolf

It is brown and looks like a sphere. It feels squishy. You can put ketchup on it. It is made out of meat. What is it? by Monkey

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Living in 3rd Grade #5 Similes – Crazy Creative Comparisons

Crazy Creative Comparisons = Similes


Figurski KIDDLES

(Reposted from Figurski Wiki January 6, 2011)

(Names are changed to protect the infamous.)

Similes are figures of speech, which compare two different things to each other. Sometimes we use similes to spice up our writing – to make it more vivid. You can see many examples of similes that the children in my 3rd grade 2010-2011 class have created below.

My sister was as excited as a bee eating honey. by Cheetah

Your delightful cheeks are as rosy-pink as yummy, strawberry ice cream. by Silver

You are as skinny as a pencil! by Violet

The marshmallow was as white as the soft snow. by Rabbit

My teacher is as crazy as a dancing chipmunk at an 80s club doing the twist. by Chipmunk

Some pajamas are as spotted as a polka-dotted cheetah. by Stingray

Your beautiful eyes are as sparkly as a shiny star twinkling in the crystal-clear, night sky. by Dolphin & Coyote & Silver & Gorilla

The beautiful, crystal diamond was as shiny as a slippery ice cube. by Rabbit

My teacher’s smile is as nice and sweet as honey. by Chipmunk

My tiny teacher is as cute as a silver bunny chomping on lettuce. by Stingray

My mom’s beautiful lips are as red as juicy, ripe strawberries. by Cheetah

The actor’s glossy lips are as red as a rose dazzling in the beautiful spring. by Dolphin

The little girl’s sparkly eyes are as green as a happy leprechaun dancing on St. Patrick’s Day. by Penguin

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Living in 3rd Grade #4 Division Stories by Figurski Kiddles

Division Stories


Figurski KIDDLES

(Reposted from Figurski Wiki January 6, 2011)

(Children’s name have been omitted to protect the infamous.)

Division is like sharing. When someone has something and shares it equally with others, that is dividing. Sometimes division can have a remainder because you can not divide the numbers equally and some numbers are left over. That is called a remainder. We are having so much fun with division, so Mrs. Figurski made Division Story Booklets for us. We get to create our very own division stories. We thought it would be so much fun to make up the problems from our own heads because we have such creative heads. Then we decided to post our division stories on our Wiki, so we could have fun solving all of our division stories. We are using crayon names for our problems.

Division Stories – stories written with color names

January 6, 2011

Gold has 40 cookies. She has 7 pans. How many cookies will Gold be able to put on each pan?

32 football players are going to a game. They are going on buses. Each bus can hold 7 football players. How many buses will they need?

Purple has 14 books. She put 3 books on each shelf. How many shelves will Purple need for her books?

Golden has 15 Nutcrackers. He has 5 nuts. How many nuts can Golden put in each Nutcracker’s mouth, if he wants them to have an equal share?

Pink has 48 carrots. She has 6 bags. How many carrots can Pink put in 6 bags?

Red has 15 cookies. He also has 4 jars. He wants to put 3 cookies in each jar. What will be Red’s remainder?

Mrs. Pink had 45 Nancy Drew books. She has 5 book shelves in her dining room. How many Nancy Drew books can Mrs. Pink put on each shelf?

Blue had 20 balloons. He had 5 piles. How many balloons can Blue put in 5 piles? b

Mr. Red had 20 blue crayons. He wanted to divide them equally into 4 cans. How many crayons would go in each can?

Lavender is putting cupcakes on a tray. She has 25 cupcakes. How many cupcakes can Lavender put on each tray?

Aqua is reading a chapter book. The chapter book is 50 pages long. Each chapter has 5 pages. How many chapters are in the book?

Mr. Black’s 23 sons are going on a car trip. They have 4 cars that hold 2 people each. They have to buy more cars. How many more cars do they need to buy for their trip?

Miss Turquoise has 21 pet sharks. She has 9 bath tubs. Miss Turquoise wants put 4 sharks in each bathtub. How many bath tubs will she need to use?

Mrs. Pink has 20 blue crayons. She wants to divide them into 3 cans. How many blue crayons will not have a can?

Mrs. Green has 35 fish. She has 3 tanks and wants to put 4 fish in each tank. How many more tanks will she have to buy?

Mr. Gold was going to New York. He’s going to take 10 friends with him. Each car can hold 4 friends. How many cars will Mr. Gold and his friends need?

Mr. Silver has 38 puppies. He was going on a car trip. He has 5 cages to put the puppies in. Mr. Silver wants 5 puppies in each cage. How many more cages will he need?

Division Stories – stories written with color names

January 7, 2011

Aquamarine has 23 Expo markers. She has 2 friends. How many markers will Aquamarine and her friends get if she shares with them? Show the remainder.

Prince Opal has 17 horses in his tower. He wants to divide them into 3 groups. How many horse will not be in a group?

Amber has 50 rare coins. She puts 7 rare coins in each box. How many boxes will Amber need? How many coins will not get a box?

Ms. Ruby has 49 turkeys. She has 7 white shelves in her kitchen. She wants to put the turkeys on her shelves. How many turkeys can Ms. Ruby put on her white shelves?

King Agate has 12 princesses. King Agate has 3 castles near the hill. How many princesses can he put in each castle?

Emerald and her friends are going on a picnic. There are 39 children. Six kids will go in each van. How many vans will they need?

Sapphire, my BFF, has 54 emeralds. She has 6 red, white, and blue boxes. How many Emeralds can Sapphire put in each box so it is even?

Mr. Zircon has 33 boxes. He has 11 books. How many books can he put in the boxes?

Beryl has 24 green hats. He wants to put his hats in 4 boxes. How many hats can he put in each box?

Mr. Bloodstone had $50.00. He gave it all to 7 boys equally. How many dollars did each boy receive?

Pearl is selling cookies. There are 42 boxes. There are 7 different flavors. How many boxes are there for each flavor?

Queen Topaz had 21 princes. She wanted to put them in 3 equal groups to fight the dragons. How many princes will be in each group?

Ms. Peridot has 20 whiteboards. She wants to put them on 2 shelves. How many shelves will she need?

January 11, 2011

Division is the reverse of multiplication. In the following problems, the KIDDLES wrote a division story. Then they created a multiplication story using the same information. They were encouraged to make exciting stories by adding colorful adjectives, which they are studying in Language Arts.

Grumpy, old, stubborn Mr. Cricket has 15 pet hawks that are bigger than him. He puts the hawks into 5, old rusty cages. How many hawks will be in each cage?

Grumpy, old, stubborn Mr. Cricket has 5, rusty old cages. He puts his 3 pets hawks into each rusty, old cage. How many pet hawks does he have in all?

Mr. Mosquito had 144 sharp stingers. 12 of his stingers were short. How many stingers were long?

Mr. Mosquito got hit by a flagpole 12 times. If he got hit by a flagpole 12 times on 12 days. How many times will he get hit by a flagpole?

Mr. King Grasshopper had 196 folders. He has 14 colorful desks. How many folders can Mr. Grasshopper put in each desk?

Mr. King Grasshopper had 14 desks. He put 14 folders in each desk. How many folders does he have in all?

Mrs. Firefly was dancing at the Firefly Dance Show. There were 15 dancers altogether in the show. The dancers lined up in 3 rows. How many dancers were in each row?

At the Firefly Dance Show, there were dancers dancing in three rows. With 5 dancers in each row, how many dancers were dancing in the Firefly Dance Show altogether?

Ms. Moth is building a floor. There are 70 tiles on her floor with 10 tiles in each row. How many rows did Ms. Moth put on the floor?

Ms. Moth is building a floor. Each row has 10 tiles. Each column has 7 tiles. How many tiles are on the floor?

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Living in Third Grade #3 A Book at Your Fingertips

Here is a WIKI note I wrote to my third graders last spring. (2011) In it I recommend many great books for third graders (and any child around that age). My third graders also suggested their favorite books and wrote a short blurb about their favorite book. As usual, their names have been changed to protect the infamous. (They chose animals. color, or flower names.) I hope you will try some of these books.

Books You Will Love!

When I was your age, I loved to read. Books were my favorite things in the world. I loved to read in my bed every night. I used to smuggle a flashlight under my covers. After my mom or dad tucked me in and kissed me goodnight, out came my book.

(Don’t worry! My mom knew. So did my dad.)

When I grew up, my love for reading grew right along with me. I still love to read and I still take a book to bed with me. Instead of a flashlight, I use a book light, which clamps right onto my book. This summer I bought an IPad, so it comes to bed with me now. I love it.

Here are some of my favorite books from when I was a child your age. I hope you will like them too. If you haven’t read them … get started. Don’t wait. Join the fun!

Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White,
The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum
Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene
Trixie Belden series by Kathryn Kenny
Bobbsey Twins series by Laura Lee Hope

Here are some great titles that are written today. See how many you have read.

Cam Jansen series by David Adler
Superfudge by Judy Blume
Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
Freckle Juice by Judy Blume
The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Catling
Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary
Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
James And The Giant Peach by Roald Dahl
Matilda by Roald Dahl
Polk Street School books by Patricia Reilly Giff

KIDDLE Suggestions:

Do you have a favorite book? One that you just love and want everyone to read? Then drop a suggestion in our WIKI basket in our classroom and I can add your suggestion to our list. Don’t forget to tell us a little bit about the book.

Frankly Frannie by A. J. Stern is about a girl who comes home from school and wants to change her name. by Rabbit

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl Mr. Fox is a fox who steals things from his neighbors, the meanest farmers around. Their names are Boggis, Bean, and Bunce. The farmer’s try to take their revenge by digging up the fox’s home. by Shark

Mrs. Jeepers is Missing by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones – A teacher named Mrs. Jeepers has invited her students for a barbecue. The kids are Eddie, Howie, Liza and Melody. by Lion

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney – There is a kid who has a brother who is mean. His brother did bad things to him. by Gold

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein – There was a boy, Jack, who loved a tree. The tree loved him back. by Monkey

Good Work, Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish – is about Amelia trying to do her best job as a maid. by Chipmunk

Kate Larkin the Bone Expert by Lindsey Tate – is about a girl who broke her arm. She went to the hospital and had to stay overnight. Then she got a cast and had nothing to do. by Stingray

Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish – Amelia Bedelia always want to succeed at being a good housekeeper. but she always gets mixed up. When Christmas is just around the corner,will she get her work finished or will she get a lump of coal from Santa? by Violet

Ivy Green Cootie Queen – is about a girl who doesn’t like to read and she has to write a big, fat book report. by Dolphin

Baby Mouse by Jennifer & Matthew Holm – is a story about a little girl mouse. She wants to be popular at school. by Cheetah

Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osbourne – is about a boy and a girl named Jack and Annie who are brother and sister. They live in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania. One day they find a magic tree house, but they do not know it is magic. by Silver

My Weird School Daze by Dan Gutman – is about a kid named A.J. who really hates school. His teachers always act weird. by Tiger

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl – is about a boy named James who goes into a peach and has adventures. by Coyote

Gargoyles Don’t Drive School Buses by Debbie Dadey and Marcia Thornton Jones – There are four kids named Eddie, Howie, Liza, and Melody. Their school bus came. There was a strange new bus driver named Mr. Stone. The kids thought he was a gargoyle. by Lion

Anne of Green Gables by Mr. Mathew and his family wanted to adopt a little boy for a month. When he went to the airport, the man who worked there told him there was a little girl there for him – not a boy. The little girl and Mr. Mathew went home, and his family was very mad; but not Mr. Mathew. He really liked her. by Rabbit

Just Grace and the Snack Attack by Charise Mericle Harper is about Grace who talks about he best friend, Mimi, potato chips, and about a zine. She also talks about how to be a Chicago hot dog. by Chipmunk

Dear Readers:
If you have any good books you would like to recommend, please add them in the comment area.

Happy Reading!

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Living in Third Grade #2 HomeFun NOT HomeWork

HomeFun NOT HomeWork

Third grade is the transition year from early childhood primary education to intermediate education. Children are expected to assume more responsibility for their leaning. As they mature and are more comfortable in their roles as students, they can easily accomplish their HomeFun tasks without much parental supervision.

It was my goal to make HomeFun a palatable job. As a child, I was not fond of homework. I felt it was a drudge that stole my time – all except for my reading homework, of course. I loved reading. But math … that was another story. I remember my father drilling the multiplication tables with me – pounding them into my head would be more accurate. He tried … and so did I, but it was frustrating when those numbers just would not stick. I wish my dad had played the flash card game or a memory/concentration game with me. I probably would have learned the times tables and division facts so much easier and faster – and we both would have had a whole lot of fun.

My memories of homework are not pleasant ones. That’s why I wanted HomeFun memories to be better for my third grade kiddles. Of course, they had to learn their math facts. That’s part of third grade life, but why not make it fun? Instead of just flashing cards at your child, turn it into a game. Let your child score a point for each fact that he or she gets right. If he or she misses a fact, then the point is yours. (Ham that up a lot. They love it.) The fact is kids like to play. That is what they do best. So make their learning fun and they will have fun learning.

HomeFun each night was a combination of several disciplines below. Sometimes the children needed to review concepts taught in class that day … especially in Social Studies and Science. Sometimes they needed to practice a skill such as cursive handwriting or to study their spelling list. Occasionally they had to finish work that they did not complete in class. No matter what the assignment, I always tried to put a positive spin on it … and as their parents, so should you.

The following are examples of some of the tasks I assigned for the children to practice

Read at least 10 minutes every night. That’s what I told my 3rd graders on the first week of school. They laughed! Of course, I knew they would read lots more than that, but I wanted to establish a basis for routine that would soon become habit. I sent home a calendar for parents to sign each night.

Practice multiplication or division flash cards at least 10 minutes each night. This is so important to develop a good, solid base in mathematics.
Use the Wiki page, Division Stories by Figurski KIDDLES, for math practice.

Reread the material that was discussed in class.
Write 3 Trivia Comp Questions from the material. Be sure to include the answer and the page number where the answer was found.

Use your best cursive handwriting to practice the assigned letters/words. Be sure to use 2 or 3 different colored-crayons to trace the letters carefully and neatly.
Other assignments in other subjects may be give when review or reinforcement is necessary.

Always remember to copy your HomeFun from the whiteboard. Write it exactly as it is on the board. This way, when you go home, you will not become confused about what you need to do.

This entry was borrowed and adapted from my WIKI page. You can see the original Wiki with more information by clicking the Wiki link above.

(Clip Art compliments of Bing.)

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A Peek Into Our 3rd Grade Lives

Disclaimer: As always, any identifying names, except for mine, have been changed to protect the infamous.

A Peek Into Our 3rd Grade Lives

We do a LOT of learning in our classroom. Sometimes we study spelling. Sometimes we practice handwriting. We are learning to write in cursive. It’s fun with all its fancy curlicues and twists and spirals. Other times we study social studies or science. We go back in time to learn about the lives of Native Americans. Then we travel far into space to explore the other planets in our Solar System. We spend hours and hours on math and reading and language arts. Language arts includes all phases of speaking and communicating. It includes reading and writing, too.

In this lesson in English we made a web in our writing logs. That means that we brainstormed everything we knew about the topic Mrs. Figurski assigned to us. A web looks much like a spider web. In the center of the web is the topic. On the lines radiating from the center are our ideas about the topic. We use these ideas to create our paragraphs. In this lesson, too, we tried to use a variety of adjectives (words that describe a noun) and adverbs (words that describe a verb.) As you read through our paragraphs, try to find as many adjectives and adverbs as you can.


School Life
We do a lot of learning in our classroom…like reading. It is a lot of fun. We can learn new things in social studies, spelling, math, science, English, and handwriting. We love doing the Wiki. It has a lot of fun ideas! When it is 11:30, we go to lunch. After lunch, we have recess. Then after recess, we have to work again. When it’s 3:00, we go home and the teachers go home, too. by Monkey

School Life
I go to Hilly School. My teacher is Mrs. Figurski. Mrs. Figurski makes us do fun work, like math, spelling, and English. She also gives us fun reading comps. We also do reading groups work. Mrs. Figurski opened a Wiki. A Wiki is something where Mrs. Figurski puts our work in the computer for everyone to see. I like my school. by Lion

School Life
I like it in Mrs. Figurski’s class. We also have Ms. Firkins. We do math, English, science, and social studies. Sometimes we work on the Wiki. We also do writing workshop. Mrs. Figurski does reading groups and we write questions for trivia comp. We have a very, funny class. I am very happy to be in Mrs. Figurski’s class. by Stingray

School Life in My Classroom
Whenever I come into my great, wild classroom, it feels so exciting! You can see little kiddles running around being bonkerville (in a fun way). You can also see the Marsling teacher, Mrs. Figurski. She’s the one who’s going to prepare us for the BTITS and sometimes the funky Miss Firkins will, too. Sometimes Mrs. Figurski or Miss Firkins gives us a daily spiral review or a reading comp in the morning. Sometimes we do other things. Handwriting and math are two subjects that I love. When the class is done with that, we do Super Team and Smart Team. Those teams verse each other and whoever gets the most points in their work gets a sticker. I’m on the Smart Team. We put our stickers on our charts. We have a lot of fun in our class. by Shark

School Life
Hi, I am Chipmunk. In the morning, we do daily spiral reviews in math and reading logs, too. In math, English, and spelling, we use our white boards. Our teacher tells us funny stories. Mrs. Figurski does Smart Team and Super Team. It is a fun game. At then end of the day, we write our HomeFun in our planners. This year will be the best. by Chipmunk

School Life in My Classroom
My life in my classroom is really fun. My teacher is from Mars, too. Her name is Mrs. Figurski. Mrs. Figurski is a funny and charming teacher. I have another teacher. She is a student teacher and her name is Ms. Firkins. She’s always sweet and nice. Mrs. Figurski gives us HomeFun, NOT homework. She does not like homework, so she gives us fun HomeFun. I’m glad we have HomeFun because it’s fun. I’m glad, too, because I have two nice, sweet, and charming teachers. by Penguin

School Life in Our Classroom
Our class is fun because work is like a game. It is fun to participate and it’s important to participate. You can read a Wiki with someone. When you get to work, it is a fun thing to do. Teachers give you work so you can have fun. When you have free time, you can study, read a book, or write in your journal. Always check your planner and check off stuff that you have to do. by Coyote

School Life in the Classroom
My name is Violet and I am in the third grade. I go to Hilly School. My classroom teacher is Mrs. Figurski. My student teacher is Ms. Firkins. We do lots of things here. Let’s start with math. Math is pretty easy. We are learning geometry. We write on our white boards like writing. Writing takes a while to do. This paragraph is in my writing journal. You can read your work like reading. Reading is fun. We do reading comps. They are sometimes hard! We also read things together like science! Science is interesting. We are learning about the planets. I enjoy every subject except for handwriting. It takes a long time. But anyway, school is cool! by Violet

School Life
I like school. I love math, spelling, reading comp, and trivia comp. I feel okay when I do English. My teacher, Mrs. Figurski, makes sticker charts for my class that keep track of how many 90% and above we get for our grades. When we are in group, we have our white boards to tell Mrs. Figurski what we think the answers are. School is a lot of fun. by Silver

School Life
School life in our classroom is fun because Ms. Firkins is a student teacher and she helps us with our work. At school, I feel great because I work hard. In school, I’m honest with my teacher. Mrs. Figurski is a very nice teacher and I work so hard. School Rocks! by Gold

My School Life
In my school, we have a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Figurski. She teaches us a lot of subjects like math, English, and spelling. While we work, she puts classical music on. In school, she also teaches us how to write in script. When we’ve finished a chapter in any of the subjects, we take a quiz to see how much we know. Our grades go on our report cards. I feel happy at school. School is a very awesome place. by Cheetah

School Life-Classroom-and Teachers
When I get to school, I wait in line with my classmates. At 8:30, we go right by the door. Our teacher, Mrs. Figurski, comes out and we go inside. We unpack and we get to work. In our classroom, we have everything neat. Mrs. Figurski has a helper…Ms. Firkins. She is the best! At the end when it’s time to pack up, Mrs. Figurski gives us HomeFun, not homework! by Rabbit

School Life
School is cool. In my school, we do math, which is so fun and science…that one’s cool, too. My favorite is spelling. It’s awesome. We do other subjects, too. My teacher is fun. So is my student teacher. Boy, 3rd grade is fun! It isn’t easy, but if you try your best, you will get A+s! by Dolphin

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3rd Grade #1 Welcome Figurski KIDDLES

This part of my blog is reposted from a blog I wrote with my 3rd grade students during my last year of teaching 2010 – 2011. I wrote about the fun lessons that I designed and taught. The children were engaged and excited as they completed various assignments because they knew I would post their work on our WIKI page. They loved to share their work with their families on their computers at night. Many times they even had assignments based on our work on the WIKI.

For privacy they have changed their names. They are using pseudonyms. A pseudonym is a pretend name that will hide their real identity. So as you journey through our site, look for wild animal, precious stone, and flower names. That would be my 3rd graders.

I will continue to add posts. Teachers, feel free to adopt any lesson you feel would be fun for your students.

                               Welcome Figurski KIDDLES

Third grade is a new and exciting challenge. This year you will continue your education by enhancing the skills you have learned in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade. You have already learned to read. This year you will read to learn.

You will use your reading skills to understand Science and Social Studies. Reading will also help you to understand Math, English, and Spelling. Of course, you will want to read for pure enjoyment, too. Curl up with a good book and let it take you to magical places … places you may have only dreamed about.

So open your minds and let the knowledge pour in.
And … don’t forget to have fun as you grow in 3rd Grade.

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