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Anything Writing #5 Montclair Write Group Update

This was posted about me in the Write 45601_430095069628_1997314_nGroup Update – Montclair, New Jersey. 09/09/14


“Donna O’Donnell Figurski doings – spends her not-so-leisurely days working on her “Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury” blog (, which is growing daily. She pdancing_girl_cartoonublished an article, “Prisoner Without Bars – Living With A Traumatic Brain Injury” in an online journal, Disabled Magazine ( on 6/24. She recently became a talk radio host on Brain Injury Radio Network. Her show, “Another Fork in the Road” ( airs each 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at 5 pm Pacific Time. She also co-hosts with another BIR host every 5th Sunday in a month. AND the “Native American Anthology” in which Donna has three chapters in two books is still scheduled for a 2015 publication date.

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Musings by Donna #64 My Meteor & Writing Conference

MY METEOR! I saw it for three seconds – one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi – on my way to a writers’ conference in Avondale, Arizona on a Saturday morning in early November 2013. Amazing! Meteor over Phoenix (Sorry about the commercial, but the meteor is worth it.)

It was bright, fluorescent, and green; and it trailed across the sky in front of me. It looked like a line of lime Meteor th-2slime blazing across the sky. Fortunately I was stopped at a red light and could experience the entire three seconds without fear of running off the road. Meteors in the bright, blue sky are just not something you might expect to see every day. Heck, you may not even see one in a lifetime. I know it’s taken me decades to see my first. When I finally believed my eyes, I speed-dialed David on my car phone to tell him of my amazing siting.

Then it dawned on me that early morn, as I was driving to my writing conference, that maybe My Meteor was a good omen. Maybe this conference will be the one to change my writing life. I was hoping to glean some words of wisdom. I was hoping to make a connection to set me on the right path to publishing my book, Prisoner Without Bars: Conquering Traumatic Brain Injury. I was hoping to meet other writers.

The Southwest Valley Writer’s Conference was a valuable, meaningful, and productive conference. Though I’ve attended countless workshops, conferences, and retreats in the children’s publishing world, this was my first encounter with writers for the adult audience. I was pleasantly surprised.Write th-3

The presenters were knowledgeable and the panels offered lively discussions of the process – from writing a book, to finding an agent/publisher, to marketing a book. I met an agent who seemed interested in my book. Either that or she was being kind. In any event she agreed to read the first 50 pages of Prisoner Without Bars. I’ll send that to her soon. And lastly, I made valuable writer contacts. I met Carmen at the first session. She told me of the contest she recently won at Poisoned Pen Press. Diane and I shared lunch together. Then I met Xenia (Xeni) Schiller, who I learned lived in the same town as I do. What a gem! She is a serious and accomplished writer and we began a writing group of two. We also became friends. We meet twice a week for four hours each time. Of course, we spend the first half hour talking, then it’s down to serious business. Unfortunately for me, Xeni recently got a job; and I am writing on my own again.

Was My Meteor a good omen? I think so! And … I can’t wait to see another one. Maybe in this lifetime!

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