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Thanksgiving ala Figurski

Pilgrim 3

Caitlin, Ryan, Keaton, Art

It’s Thanksgiving!

A time to reflect on days gone by. This is how the Figurski’s did it this year.

Art mixes the corn soup while Caitlin, Ryan, and Keaton look on in anticipation.

Pilgrims 2

Sarah, Ryan, Keaton




Sometimes it’s hard to wait your turn. Sarah, Ryan, and Keaton are anxious to get into the outhouse.


Sarah, Ryan, Caitlin, Art

Sarah, Ryan, Caitlin, Art


Turkey, stuffing, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, with marshmallows, roasted Brussel Sprouts, corn with red pepper, cranberry sauce, and gravy to smother it all was on the menu. YUM!


It’s a feast! Sarah, Ryan, Caitlin, and Art are ready to dig in.

Cooking the Turkey 1

Eric, Kathy, Donna, Patrice, Pat cookin’ the bird.

Eric, Pat

Eric, Pat




Eric, Kathy, Donna, Patrice, and pale Pat cookin’ the bird.



Eric and Pat keeping lookout in the crow’s nest while serenading their friends below.

Out House

David, Donna, Tom





Treasure Test

Kathy, David, Tom, and Hank checking out the treasure chest.







Photos compliments of JibJab.


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