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On School #35 Bathroom Opera

msc1barThe day began normally…at least as normal as any day in a first grade classroom. Children emptied backpacks. Jackets and sweaters were hung in the coatroom. A low buzz filled the room as the children set about writing in their journals. Attendance was nearly complete when suddenly a muffled voice was heard…a single note, “La.”

Several children raised their heads from their journals and quickly looked around, but soon lost interest. “La” and a slightly higher “La, La!” followed. I looked up. More children noticed and stared at me awaiting my reaction. I pretended not to hear. They glanced at each other and snickered, but quickly returned to their tasks. I glanced around the room. One seat was empty.

“La, La, La, La, La, Laaaaa” rose to the highest range of the scale and then quickly decended to a very low and heavy “LAAAAAA.” Every child burst into giggles. The sound escaped from behind the bathroom door. The voice suddenly rang out as if in encore, which put us all in stitches. We doubled over and grasped our sides. Our laughter mingled together and we were drowned out by the bathroom opera singer.

Silently, I motioned for the children to be still. Once quieted, I whispered Kids at Desks ththat if we kept silent we would be entertained with more arias. Our opera singer didn’t disappoint us. Our silence made him more energetic and he began to experiment with a variety of sounds. It took every bit of control to be quiet and we giggled with our hands clasped over our mouths to trap our sounds within. Titters could be heard throughout the room as sounds escaped from between fingers. Suddenly the toilet flushed, the tap water rushed, the light switch flicked and the bathroom door opened to the astonished face of Alex.

Singer thAs he greeted his waiting audience the children burst into uncontrollable laughter and hooted and howled their pleasure. Alex stood in the doorway looking rather chagrined at first. His face was scrunched up with a mixture of surprise, a bit of shyness, and a whole lot of pride as he realized the applause and attention was solely for him. His sheepish grin and gleaming eyes met mine and I nodded to the front of the room. I suggested an encore and Alex gladly accepted.

He moved center-stage and ran through his repertoire of notes as we all once more grabbed for our sides. When finally we regained control, I suggested that we all get busy with our day.

I silently wondered what would be next. That afternoon, Alex, my lanky, shy, Alex whispered to me that he knew all along that we were listening to him when he was in the bathroom and that was why he was doing it. Earlier I thought I was nurturing a future opera star right there in our bathroom. Now I think a comedienne was born that morning.

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August 10, 2013 - Posted by | On School

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