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Musings by Donna #58 Strange Happenings!

Strange Happenings

They all amount to the same thing . . . a hole in your nose.

My daughter, Kiersten was visiting in April 2005 when she said, “Mom, I want to get my nose pierced.” I looked at her as if she were nuts . . . not an uncommon mother/daughter look. Then she told me she wanted to get her daughter’s nose pierced, too. “OK!” I thought. “I’ll call your bluff.” I told her if they were going to get their noses pierced, then I would, too. Now, she called mine and said, “Let’s go!” So I did! I braced myself. I got up my nerve. I only had to keep it until I was seated in the piercer’s chair. Unfortunately, or maybe lucky for me, the piercing studio was closed. Our window of time was also closed, since Kiersten had to go back to New Mexico. “DARN!” Just when I thought I could really do this.

But the seed was planted and it wiggled just beneath the surface of my mind. Then, Betty, a friend of mine, came to visit and gave me frog earrings. They matched hers. But I didn’t have enough holes in my ears, so she persuaded me to pierce three more. So, when we went to Erie, we headed straight to Piercing Pagoda. Of course, getting my ears pierced reminded me of my desire to get my nose pierced. (Sounds a little like IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE — doesn’t it?) The next evening Betty and I went to Buddha’s — a little nervous and a lot scared. (I could have gone to Ink Assassin or Mad Mike’s, but Buddha’s seemed a little more sane. Actually, another time I did go to Ink Assassin and spoke with the piercer, Missy, who was very knowledgeable about her craft.) Anyhow, thirty minutes later I walked out of Buddha’s with a hole in my nose, feeling a little woozy, and a lot like I must be buddhas-2-2005out of my mind, but loving every minute of it.

It didn’t take Kiersten long after she got back home to find her own piercing studio. And now we have matching nose beads. We’re mirror images – mine on the left – hers on the right . . . mother/daughter style! 🙂


Whatever you want to call it.
It makes me SMILE!


One day I walked the streets of New York City with my friend, Monique. We found ourselves in the Village. Our steps took us to a storefront called “Venus”. We were drawn in. We stared at the counters filled with jewels and gems . . . opals, diamonds,sterling silver beads. Jewels for your ears, eyebrows, and tongues. Gems for you navel, nose, and upper lip frenulum. UPPER LIP FRENULUM??? What’s that? I didn’t know what it was either. It’s the tiny flap of skin that attaches your upper lip to your gums above your top teeth.


Well, anyhow Monique had this piercing done
several years ago and
her face lights up every time she smiles.

So, of course, I wanted one, too. If you look closely, you can see the little bead that rests on my teeth. Monique has a tiny diamond, which tips the top of her teeth, too. Unfortunately, as a starter, I can only get the stainless steel bead, until the piercing heals, but at least it matches my nose bead. Oh, the nose bead is another story . . . donna-monique--smiles-1

So some weeks passed and I finally got up the nerve to change my starter bead to a blue ice gem. I wanted my gem to match Monique’s . . . well almost. Hers is clear like a diamond, while mine is blue ice.. Monique searched the web and ordered mine from Germany. I couldn’t wait until it arrived.

Off to the pirecers again for the change. I did not have enough courage to try to change it myself.



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  1. Unfortunately mine fell out a few years ago and I do miss it.

    Comment by GrowingFlowers | April 29, 2013 | Reply

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