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Living in 3rd Grade #4 Division Stories by Figurski Kiddles

Division Stories


Figurski KIDDLES

(Reposted from Figurski Wiki January 6, 2011)

(Children’s name have been omitted to protect the infamous.)

Division is like sharing. When someone has something and shares it equally with others, that is dividing. Sometimes division can have a remainder because you can not divide the numbers equally and some numbers are left over. That is called a remainder. We are having so much fun with division, so Mrs. Figurski made Division Story Booklets for us. We get to create our very own division stories. We thought it would be so much fun to make up the problems from our own heads because we have such creative heads. Then we decided to post our division stories on our Wiki, so we could have fun solving all of our division stories. We are using crayon names for our problems.

Division Stories – stories written with color names

January 6, 2011

Gold has 40 cookies. She has 7 pans. How many cookies will Gold be able to put on each pan?

32 football players are going to a game. They are going on buses. Each bus can hold 7 football players. How many buses will they need?

Purple has 14 books. She put 3 books on each shelf. How many shelves will Purple need for her books?

Golden has 15 Nutcrackers. He has 5 nuts. How many nuts can Golden put in each Nutcracker’s mouth, if he wants them to have an equal share?

Pink has 48 carrots. She has 6 bags. How many carrots can Pink put in 6 bags?

Red has 15 cookies. He also has 4 jars. He wants to put 3 cookies in each jar. What will be Red’s remainder?

Mrs. Pink had 45 Nancy Drew books. She has 5 book shelves in her dining room. How many Nancy Drew books can Mrs. Pink put on each shelf?

Blue had 20 balloons. He had 5 piles. How many balloons can Blue put in 5 piles? b

Mr. Red had 20 blue crayons. He wanted to divide them equally into 4 cans. How many crayons would go in each can?

Lavender is putting cupcakes on a tray. She has 25 cupcakes. How many cupcakes can Lavender put on each tray?

Aqua is reading a chapter book. The chapter book is 50 pages long. Each chapter has 5 pages. How many chapters are in the book?

Mr. Black’s 23 sons are going on a car trip. They have 4 cars that hold 2 people each. They have to buy more cars. How many more cars do they need to buy for their trip?

Miss Turquoise has 21 pet sharks. She has 9 bath tubs. Miss Turquoise wants put 4 sharks in each bathtub. How many bath tubs will she need to use?

Mrs. Pink has 20 blue crayons. She wants to divide them into 3 cans. How many blue crayons will not have a can?

Mrs. Green has 35 fish. She has 3 tanks and wants to put 4 fish in each tank. How many more tanks will she have to buy?

Mr. Gold was going to New York. He’s going to take 10 friends with him. Each car can hold 4 friends. How many cars will Mr. Gold and his friends need?

Mr. Silver has 38 puppies. He was going on a car trip. He has 5 cages to put the puppies in. Mr. Silver wants 5 puppies in each cage. How many more cages will he need?

Division Stories – stories written with color names

January 7, 2011

Aquamarine has 23 Expo markers. She has 2 friends. How many markers will Aquamarine and her friends get if she shares with them? Show the remainder.

Prince Opal has 17 horses in his tower. He wants to divide them into 3 groups. How many horse will not be in a group?

Amber has 50 rare coins. She puts 7 rare coins in each box. How many boxes will Amber need? How many coins will not get a box?

Ms. Ruby has 49 turkeys. She has 7 white shelves in her kitchen. She wants to put the turkeys on her shelves. How many turkeys can Ms. Ruby put on her white shelves?

King Agate has 12 princesses. King Agate has 3 castles near the hill. How many princesses can he put in each castle?

Emerald and her friends are going on a picnic. There are 39 children. Six kids will go in each van. How many vans will they need?

Sapphire, my BFF, has 54 emeralds. She has 6 red, white, and blue boxes. How many Emeralds can Sapphire put in each box so it is even?

Mr. Zircon has 33 boxes. He has 11 books. How many books can he put in the boxes?

Beryl has 24 green hats. He wants to put his hats in 4 boxes. How many hats can he put in each box?

Mr. Bloodstone had $50.00. He gave it all to 7 boys equally. How many dollars did each boy receive?

Pearl is selling cookies. There are 42 boxes. There are 7 different flavors. How many boxes are there for each flavor?

Queen Topaz had 21 princes. She wanted to put them in 3 equal groups to fight the dragons. How many princes will be in each group?

Ms. Peridot has 20 whiteboards. She wants to put them on 2 shelves. How many shelves will she need?

January 11, 2011

Division is the reverse of multiplication. In the following problems, the KIDDLES wrote a division story. Then they created a multiplication story using the same information. They were encouraged to make exciting stories by adding colorful adjectives, which they are studying in Language Arts.

Grumpy, old, stubborn Mr. Cricket has 15 pet hawks that are bigger than him. He puts the hawks into 5, old rusty cages. How many hawks will be in each cage?

Grumpy, old, stubborn Mr. Cricket has 5, rusty old cages. He puts his 3 pets hawks into each rusty, old cage. How many pet hawks does he have in all?

Mr. Mosquito had 144 sharp stingers. 12 of his stingers were short. How many stingers were long?

Mr. Mosquito got hit by a flagpole 12 times. If he got hit by a flagpole 12 times on 12 days. How many times will he get hit by a flagpole?

Mr. King Grasshopper had 196 folders. He has 14 colorful desks. How many folders can Mr. Grasshopper put in each desk?

Mr. King Grasshopper had 14 desks. He put 14 folders in each desk. How many folders does he have in all?

Mrs. Firefly was dancing at the Firefly Dance Show. There were 15 dancers altogether in the show. The dancers lined up in 3 rows. How many dancers were in each row?

At the Firefly Dance Show, there were dancers dancing in three rows. With 5 dancers in each row, how many dancers were dancing in the Firefly Dance Show altogether?

Ms. Moth is building a floor. There are 70 tiles on her floor with 10 tiles in each row. How many rows did Ms. Moth put on the floor?

Ms. Moth is building a floor. Each row has 10 tiles. Each column has 7 tiles. How many tiles are on the floor?

(Clip Art compliments of Bing.)


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  1. Why wasn’t arithmetic taught in these interesting ways? Very interesting and well presented. The pupils must’ve had their “ah, ha!” moments pretty quickly!

    Comment by Kathy S | July 4, 2012 | Reply

  2. Kathy, who know why arithmetic/math was not taught this way when we were young. The worst is it still is not being taught this way. This is MY way. I presented most things in most subjects as fun and games. A whole lot of learning was going on in my classroom — and the kids didn’t even know it.

    I will be adding more articles form my Figurski Wiki page soon. You can see it here. Most of the stuff is the kids’ work. Take a peek.

    Comment by donnaodonnellfigurski | July 4, 2012 | Reply

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