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TidBits About Donna #54 Strangest Yet! A Tattoo?


                  You’ve Got To Be Kidding!
It’s just a little hummmmmmmmingbird.

Okay, so I added a few more holes to my ears. I now have a total of five. Thanks, Betty! And thanks for going with me, and for telling me that it was not cool to have an equal number of holes on each ear . . . thus the odd number of five.

Then I poked an extra hole in my nose. Thanks, Kiersten! I swear – I would never have thought of this on my own. Although I can come up with some pretty weird ideas without anyone prompting me; this idea is totally your responsibility. And thanks to Betty for holding my hand and saying, “You can do it! You can do it!” but who wouldn’t do it herself when I encouraged her to get her nose pierced, too.

Monique is totally responsible for the tattoo. Her friend, Sarah, called from Germany with the news that she got a tattoo. Hmmmm! That call changed both my and Monique’s lives permanently.

Soon Monique was talking about hummingbirds. She talked about it in the car. She talked about it sitting on the floor of my office. She talked about it at the dinner table and she talked and talked and talked. She asked me if I wanted to get a tattoo with her … a hummingbird. “No!” I assured her. But I offered to take her to get one if she wanted it. She wanted it! She wanted it right that minute! We hadn’t even cleared the dinner table yet. It was dark out and rain was gushing from the sky. It was a Friday night. I suggested we go the next day. I could see Monique’s face fall. I sensed her intensity. What’s a little rain? We quickly cleared the table, cleaned up the kitchen, and set off in search of the tattoo studio not far from my home.


She thrust the picture of the hummingbird into the tattoo artist’s hand and asked if he could do it. He easily agreed. Monique relaxed into the chair as the artist sketched the hummingbird on her hip. I watched. She said it kind of pinched, but was not painful. When she was done, she needled me to do it too. Although her hummingbird was really cute, I refrained.


The next morning I woke with a burning desire to have a hummingbird etched onto me too. I  have no idea what got into me – what made me feel that way, but with an overwhelming intensity, Monique and I hopped into the car and set off for the tattoo parlor again.

I wanted the same little hummingbird that Monique had. The only difference is that I added color to mine. It’s beautiful. It’s like a piece of jewelry – only it is permanent.

This little hummingbird ties Monique and me together for life. It is a constant, pleasant reminder of when she lived with David and me and we shared some months together.

(Clip Art compliments of Bing.)

(Pictures compliments of ME.)

(Reposted from my website at Strange Happenings.)


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