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TidBits About Donna #50 It’s a Good Day!

It’s a Good Day!

“What makes a good day for you?” was a question I recently encountered as I read Growing Flowers, my daughter, Kiersten’s, blog. That unnerving question took me aback as I sat at my computer in my home office with the sun streaming in from the windows that surround me on this bright and cold Sunday morning. I stopped. I sat there.  I looked out the window and then looked around my office and wondered … what exactly is a good day for me.

Five minutes later I was still wondering. Is that sad – or is that sad??? I guess I can’t chunk a whole day together to deem it a “good day.” But maybe parts of it, isolated moments or hours would be easier.

So often it is easy to focus on the bad parts or the more difficult situations in life. I know when I was teaching I often spoke of the more challenging parts of my day – my angst over a child, who day in and day out, repeatedly refused to do his work as my concern grew on how to reach him; my worries over the six-year-old student who never did her ten-minutes-a-night HomeFun because of lack of parental supervision or cooperation.  (What were these parents thinking?) My utter frustration when a child with severe emotional needs demands all of my time and attention to the exclusion of the rest of the twenty-three children in the class – that makes for a really bad day – or year. It also makes for a lot of stress. Talking those situations through over dinner with my husband, David, released many of my frustrations, at least for that day, and it reset me to tackle the job of teaching the next morning.

On the home front, fighting with insurance companies over medical bills they should automatically pay, the toilet overflowing, or the water heater and humidifier leaking – needing repair or replacing – not good! Paying the bills and spending hours filing the paperwork does not make for a good day either. But that’s life, I guess.

So, no, I can’t recount “good days,” except for maybe carefree vacations in Puerto Peñasco when all time stops and the sun shines everlasting. But I can measure happy times as fleeting moments or hours  “good moments – good hours.” And every day has some of those.

I can cite lots of those “good moments – good hours” starting with the crystal blue sky hanging outside my windows as I type this post. Its deep, cobalt blueness makes me wonder how colorful our world is and it makes me smile. Then several hours later, as I finish the edit of this post, I glance out the window to see a full moon perched in the hazy, purple sky, peeking through the branches of the bare-naked trees outside my office window. Both … “good moments.”

The hot chocolate, cinnamon oatmeal chock full of roasted almonds and sunflower seeds with banana and grapes mixed in and topped with fat-free whipped cream – both chocolate and white – yummy – a “good moment.”

Lounging in my reclining, lawn chaise on a hot summer day, under the shade of Japanese maple trees, reading a fun book or treading water with a friend and neighbor in our complex pool as we exercise, talk, laugh, share recipes and make plans for shopping excursions – “good hours.”

Afternoon or late evening walk/talks with my friends to share our thoughts and slices of our lives – very “good hours.”

Closing the lid of my file box with a thwap after finishing the filing of the bill paperwork – definitely a “good moment.”

When a child says with all sincerity, “You are the ‘bestest’ teacher I ever had in my whole, entire life – in the whole, entire universe.” (I taught first grade and am only one in his not-so-long experience with teachers, but you’ve got to love it anyway.) – a very “good moment.”

Beating my sister, cousins, and friends in “Words With Friends. – a “good moment.”

Chatting and laughing on my cell phone with my best friend from Louisville, KY during a long, brisk walk – a “good hour.”

Stepping off of the stage to applause at the end of an eight-minute monologue – a very “good moment.”

Hanging out with my granddaughters in China Town NYC or the Peninsula on Lake Erie or at their home in New Mexico – “good hours.”

Completing Chapter 61 of my memoir about David and his Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – a very “good moment” indeed! (I am almost done with the second edit of the book. YEAH!)

When I complete the whole book, sell it, and see it on the shelves of Barnes and Noble and on the bookshelves of every library in the United States – well, that would make a wonderful, amazing, unbelievable, very “good day.”

Having coffee and lots of chatter with friends and cousins. – “good hours.”

Waking up with my husband each morning, having him wrap his arms around me, and having him tell me he loves me “most-most” and I reply, “Well, of course you do … and we both laugh – a very happy “good moment.”

This is how is goes.

Donna to David:       I love you!

David to Donna:                I love you more!

Donna to David:        I love you more-more!

David to Donna:                           I love you most!

Donna to David:         I love you more-most!

David to Donna:                            I love you most-most!

Donna to David:        Of course, you do!

Meeting David when I was sweet-sixteen, marrying him when I was all-knowing twenty, and sharing our lives together adds up to – a very “good LIFE.”

My days are made up of many “good moments” and  “good hours” and maybe stringing all those moments and hours together is what makes up a “Good Day” a “Good Life.”

These are only a few random incidents that make a very good moment, good hour, or good life for me. I hope you will take some time now and think what makes you happy – what makes a “good moment, good hour, good day, or good life” for you.

I’d love to hear about yours, so please post your thoughts in the comment section of my blog. Just look below in the tag section. You will see the link for COMMENTS.

And celebrate your good moments.

(Clip Art compliments of Bing.)

(Photo compliments of ME.)


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  1. Having all three boys was the best for me! Every birth brought new life into me! Having my WHOLE big family is another very happy thought. Making chicken soup this past weekend for my sister in law as she has been really sick and her loving my act of kindness. So much consumes me on a daily basis of happiness. Yes, it is easy to dwell on yucky things, but I much perfer happy thoughts! Thanks for your post!

    Comment by Val | February 6, 2012 | Reply

  2. Val, I am trying to focus on at least one “happy thought” each day. It does brighten up the life. Hopefully, eventually, the happy thoughts will overcome the not so great ones.


    Comment by donnaodonnellfigurski | February 7, 2012 | Reply

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