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TidBits About Donna #45 Put a Little Shine in Your Soul

Put a little shine in your soul. That’s what happens to me when I stop in the quaint, little bead store, called Soulshine Studio, in Corning, New York. Ann Recotta, the owner and in-house artist, is welcoming. I met Ann in July when David and I stopped in Corning for an overnight on the way home from my 45th high school reunion in Erie. Unfortunately my car decided to take a vacation outside Ann’s shop. It was deader than a doornail. Ann offered to help. To learn more you can read about the trials of this traveler at TidBits About Donna #40 Nearly-Stranded Traveler. But suffice it to say, Ann was  kind.

I was disappointed, though, that I was not able to spend time in her shop. However, being stranded midway between here and there left me somewhat distracted. I promised to return to her shop when next we stopped in Corning … and I did. David and I took a drive – a long drive – to Corning for a few days at the end of August.

I visited Ann’s shop on a Sunday when it was closed and spent two totally immersed hours poring over her beads, (so many beautiful ones to choose from) fawning over her unique creations … necklaces, bracelets, and rings, (she is very talented) and discussing various jewelry-making techniques.

I learned a lot from Ann that day.

While I roamed her shop, she worked on a beautiful necklace. It was intricate – definitely one of a kind. Ann likes to design her creations as she goes along. No cookie-cutter recipes for her! That’s how I create, too. Somehow it all comes together. When I attach the final clasp and hold the necklace up for inspection, I marvel at how it came to be. Only hours before those beads sat in their separate bowls – minding their own business. Then they join a myriad of other beads to make a unique, new, and beautiful creation.

I enjoyed that afternoon discussing jewelry-making with Ann. She introduced me to some new materials and tools and demonstrated some new, intricate techniques. I loved learning how to use wire to wrap stones. It looks so delicate and fancy.

When I left the shop that day laden with a variety of beads – all sizes, shapes and colors, I took with me, not only the tools of my craft, but ideas. So many ideas … floating in my head ready to burst out into new creations. I took with me inspiration. And I took with me a new friendship made.

(Photos courtesy of Ann Recotta)


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  1. Great post today. I really enjoyed reading it very much. I enjoy beading and going to bead shows myself. See you around!

    Comment by Bead Crafts (@BeadCrafts) | November 14, 2011 | Reply

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