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A Peek Into Our 3rd Grade Lives

Disclaimer: As always, any identifying names, except for mine, have been changed to protect the infamous.

A Peek Into Our 3rd Grade Lives

We do a LOT of learning in our classroom. Sometimes we study spelling. Sometimes we practice handwriting. We are learning to write in cursive. It’s fun with all its fancy curlicues and twists and spirals. Other times we study social studies or science. We go back in time to learn about the lives of Native Americans. Then we travel far into space to explore the other planets in our Solar System. We spend hours and hours on math and reading and language arts. Language arts includes all phases of speaking and communicating. It includes reading and writing, too.

In this lesson in English we made a web in our writing logs. That means that we brainstormed everything we knew about the topic Mrs. Figurski assigned to us. A web looks much like a spider web. In the center of the web is the topic. On the lines radiating from the center are our ideas about the topic. We use these ideas to create our paragraphs. In this lesson, too, we tried to use a variety of adjectives (words that describe a noun) and adverbs (words that describe a verb.) As you read through our paragraphs, try to find as many adjectives and adverbs as you can.


School Life
We do a lot of learning in our classroom…like reading. It is a lot of fun. We can learn new things in social studies, spelling, math, science, English, and handwriting. We love doing the Wiki. It has a lot of fun ideas! When it is 11:30, we go to lunch. After lunch, we have recess. Then after recess, we have to work again. When it’s 3:00, we go home and the teachers go home, too. by Monkey

School Life
I go to Hilly School. My teacher is Mrs. Figurski. Mrs. Figurski makes us do fun work, like math, spelling, and English. She also gives us fun reading comps. We also do reading groups work. Mrs. Figurski opened a Wiki. A Wiki is something where Mrs. Figurski puts our work in the computer for everyone to see. I like my school. by Lion

School Life
I like it in Mrs. Figurski’s class. We also have Ms. Firkins. We do math, English, science, and social studies. Sometimes we work on the Wiki. We also do writing workshop. Mrs. Figurski does reading groups and we write questions for trivia comp. We have a very, funny class. I am very happy to be in Mrs. Figurski’s class. by Stingray

School Life in My Classroom
Whenever I come into my great, wild classroom, it feels so exciting! You can see little kiddles running around being bonkerville (in a fun way). You can also see the Marsling teacher, Mrs. Figurski. She’s the one who’s going to prepare us for the BTITS and sometimes the funky Miss Firkins will, too. Sometimes Mrs. Figurski or Miss Firkins gives us a daily spiral review or a reading comp in the morning. Sometimes we do other things. Handwriting and math are two subjects that I love. When the class is done with that, we do Super Team and Smart Team. Those teams verse each other and whoever gets the most points in their work gets a sticker. I’m on the Smart Team. We put our stickers on our charts. We have a lot of fun in our class. by Shark

School Life
Hi, I am Chipmunk. In the morning, we do daily spiral reviews in math and reading logs, too. In math, English, and spelling, we use our white boards. Our teacher tells us funny stories. Mrs. Figurski does Smart Team and Super Team. It is a fun game. At then end of the day, we write our HomeFun in our planners. This year will be the best. by Chipmunk

School Life in My Classroom
My life in my classroom is really fun. My teacher is from Mars, too. Her name is Mrs. Figurski. Mrs. Figurski is a funny and charming teacher. I have another teacher. She is a student teacher and her name is Ms. Firkins. She’s always sweet and nice. Mrs. Figurski gives us HomeFun, NOT homework. She does not like homework, so she gives us fun HomeFun. I’m glad we have HomeFun because it’s fun. I’m glad, too, because I have two nice, sweet, and charming teachers. by Penguin

School Life in Our Classroom
Our class is fun because work is like a game. It is fun to participate and it’s important to participate. You can read a Wiki with someone. When you get to work, it is a fun thing to do. Teachers give you work so you can have fun. When you have free time, you can study, read a book, or write in your journal. Always check your planner and check off stuff that you have to do. by Coyote

School Life in the Classroom
My name is Violet and I am in the third grade. I go to Hilly School. My classroom teacher is Mrs. Figurski. My student teacher is Ms. Firkins. We do lots of things here. Let’s start with math. Math is pretty easy. We are learning geometry. We write on our white boards like writing. Writing takes a while to do. This paragraph is in my writing journal. You can read your work like reading. Reading is fun. We do reading comps. They are sometimes hard! We also read things together like science! Science is interesting. We are learning about the planets. I enjoy every subject except for handwriting. It takes a long time. But anyway, school is cool! by Violet

School Life
I like school. I love math, spelling, reading comp, and trivia comp. I feel okay when I do English. My teacher, Mrs. Figurski, makes sticker charts for my class that keep track of how many 90% and above we get for our grades. When we are in group, we have our white boards to tell Mrs. Figurski what we think the answers are. School is a lot of fun. by Silver

School Life
School life in our classroom is fun because Ms. Firkins is a student teacher and she helps us with our work. At school, I feel great because I work hard. In school, I’m honest with my teacher. Mrs. Figurski is a very nice teacher and I work so hard. School Rocks! by Gold

My School Life
In my school, we have a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Figurski. She teaches us a lot of subjects like math, English, and spelling. While we work, she puts classical music on. In school, she also teaches us how to write in script. When we’ve finished a chapter in any of the subjects, we take a quiz to see how much we know. Our grades go on our report cards. I feel happy at school. School is a very awesome place. by Cheetah

School Life-Classroom-and Teachers
When I get to school, I wait in line with my classmates. At 8:30, we go right by the door. Our teacher, Mrs. Figurski, comes out and we go inside. We unpack and we get to work. In our classroom, we have everything neat. Mrs. Figurski has a helper…Ms. Firkins. She is the best! At the end when it’s time to pack up, Mrs. Figurski gives us HomeFun, not homework! by Rabbit

School Life
School is cool. In my school, we do math, which is so fun and science…that one’s cool, too. My favorite is spelling. It’s awesome. We do other subjects, too. My teacher is fun. So is my student teacher. Boy, 3rd grade is fun! It isn’t easy, but if you try your best, you will get A+s! by Dolphin

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