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TidBits About Donna #29 Okay, You Win!

I visited heaven last week. No traffic! No whine of airplanes overhead! Birds chirping, insects buzzing, and a nest of new-born rabbits were part of my wilderness-life as I sat on the deck of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s home in Michigan. Though the days were hot, the deck was well-shaded by a giant maple tree.

I sat with a warm cup of coffee, my computer balanced on my lap, and my thoughts. I spent hours in this cocoon editing my book, Prisoner Without Bars, with no disturbances – until …

I glanced up to see a coyote slowly walking across the yard not more than 50 feet from me. He looked like a German Shepard dog, but I knew better. Kathy and Tom had warned me of this “unwanted” visitor. My mind raced with the following choices. (A) Should I sit quietly and hope he didn’t notice me? (B) Should I grab my computer and camera and dash for the house? (The door was not near.) (C) Should I  grab my computer and camera and stealthily make my way towards the door?  (The door still was not near.) (D) Should I simply leave my computer and camera and run like ____? (Fill in the blank. This blog is G-rated.) I knew if that coyote desired a closer look at me, he could cover that distance in a few short strides – in seconds. I prayed he wasn’t hungry.

I’ll relieve your anticipation. I chose door A. I sat there watching as he made his way across the yard, until my nerve broke whenI immediately changed my mind to door C. You are probably wondering why there wasn’t a door E, which would have been to simply get out of there, leave the camera and the computer and head for the house at rapid pace. But that wasn’t an option in my head. My writing  life is in my computer. I didn’t want to leave it behind.

Of course, if that coyote had shown an interest in me, changed direction, and came towards me, that would have been an entirely different scenario. It would not have taken much thought to reconsider. I would have made a mad dash to the door … computer and camera be gone! Door E,  here I come! After all, what good would a computer containing my whole writing life be if I had No life?

Once inside, behind the floor to ceiling windows, I watched with David, Tom, Matt, and Hank as the coyote wended its way across the wooded yards of the neighbors. I waited a respectful time before I was convinced he was on his way, and it was safe to return to my coyoteless heaven.

I returned to the deck and continued my editing until there he was again. That coyote made a return visit and slipped into plain view again. He walked the same path, but this time he stopped and our eyes met. Again I chose door C, but this time I conceded the yard to the coyote. “Okay! You win!” I thought as I moved my computer and my camera and me to the front deck –  two feet from the door.

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