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Tidbits About Donna #24 No Easter Bonnets

There were no dyed eggs or Easter baskets, no Easter bonnets or new outfits for me this year, but I had a wonderful day sharing the holiday with family – my father-in-law, Hank, and my sister, Judy, and her husband, Bob. And, of course, my best friend and husband, David, was there, too.

I cooked a ham. I thought it was precooked, but I was surprised to learn that this 10 pound piece of meat was going to take 25 minutes per pound to cook. Average time – four hours. I popped it in the oven at 12:00 noon – way too late. My company was arriving at 2:30 with a scheduled dinner plan at 3:00 PM. Oops! Guess we won’t be eating until much later.

I quickly made an alternate plan. I cut the ham into three smaller pieces so it would take less time to cook. Phew! Good thinking! I salvaged that. Next I made the scalloped potatoes. After slicing the potatoes, I layered them with onions and cheddar cheese. I seasoned them with salt and pepper and poured milk over it all. Then I popped them in the oven and cooked … and cooked … and cooked. Those potatoes simply would not get tender. Judy thinks I think I added too much milk. Eventually, I gave up and served scalloped potatoes al dente. Well, it works for pasta. Judy reminded me that my scalloped potatoes didn’t really work last year either. Maybe I started a new tradition. Oh well! Maybe next year, they will be better – or – maybe they won’t. The asparagus came out just fine. So did the creamed corn. I couldn’t really destroy the corn. Open a can. Pour it into a bowl. Microwave on high for about 1 minute – and serve. Judy made whole wheat rolls.. They were yummy.

Basically, the dinner was great. At least no one complained. Maybe because I made them wait so long, they were all starved and less likely to be critical. But most likely because it was just … good.

Photo compliments of Me.


April 10, 2010 - Posted by | Anything Writing, TidBits About Donna


  1. oh my, it was such a shock to see me when i checked in!!! judy also reminded you that you don’t get to make the scalloped potatoes next year. i really think you planned it that way!! raw potatoes 2 years in a row can’t be anything but intentional!!

    Comment by judy | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. WOW! It worked!

    Did I tell you about the time when I was a newlywed? I washed all of David’s white undershirts with my red shirts. You guessed it! I do NOT have to do the laundry anymore.

    Judy must be a slow learner. It took her two years to decide that my scalloped potatoes just didn’t work. She gets to make them next year. Maybe she’ll make the ham, too, after my ham fiasco this year

    I am soooooooo devious.

    Comment by donnaodonnellfigurski | April 11, 2010 | Reply

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