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Musings #21 Silly Quizzes – I Feel Purple – Oh So Purple1

I feel purple — oh so purple!!!

Okay, so I took another quiz. This time I turned out purple. You have to wonder who makes these quizzes and how they determine which color to attach to which set of answers. But do I really care? They are only for fun. I wonder if I take enough of these quizzes, will I be every color of the rainbow?

I like being purple. There are purple plums or grapes and purple eggplant. Violets are purple. Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse, by Kevin Henkes is one of my favorite children’s picture books. I remember singing “It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater” when I was a child. That was a favorite song. It was so silly and perfect for a ten-year-old. I love the poem, I Never Saw a Purple Cow and I can sign it too. I teach it to my first graders and they love it.

Donna took the “What color best describes you?” quiz and the result is Purple.
Your Personality is best described by Purple! You show your beauty on the inside and out. You surround yourself with the people you love and are always there for them. You mainly have the title “The Best Friend.” You never let people down and always give them your shoulder to cry on. You hold most of your emotions in – just wanting the best for everyone else. You know that your friends would let you cry on their shoulders or vent, but you think that they need it more than you do. You are the most compassionate person.  You would do anything for your friends and you frequently show how amazing you are.

If being purple makes me a best friend, that is good.
I like being a best friend
I like purple!
(Purple People Eater Lyrics compliments of Purple People Eater Lyrics)

(Clip Art compliments of Web Clip Art)

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