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Musings #20 Silly Quizzes – I am Brown

Do you ever take those “silly” quizzes on Facebook? What Flower Are You? or What Celebrity Are You? What Color Best Describes You? or What Decade Fits Your Personality Best? I get caught up in a lot of them. Simply said, “They are pure, basic fun. Amazingly, too, many of them are right or near-right. That’s probably because they are so general that anyone can make them fit. Let’s take a look at one of them.

What Color Best Describes You?

It’s funny . . . one of the questions was – What is your favorite color? I answered green, but the quiz definitively stated that BROWN was the color that best describes me. I don’t think I’m flattered. After all brown is a rather drab color. I am not a drab person! I am flamboyant. Ask any of my 1st graders. They watch my histrionics every day. They marvel as I dance  around the room, as I break into song for no logical reason except that “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story or “Tomorrow” from Annie is on the edge of my lips. They would probably tell you I am out-of-this-world! Think … Planet Mars!

However, after rereading the description, I gave it some extra thought – all of about three seconds – and I concluded that I concur with the analysis. I think that brown is definitely my color. Take a peek at what the “experts” say. But, first – a disclaimer.

The writer/teacher in me had a hard time with the misspellings in this post. So I corrected them.

You’re personality = Your personality

tho = though

Your very intelligent = You’re very intelligent.

I am not even going to touch the missing commas or the run-on sentences or the sentences that made no sense at all. But, I liked the part where it said, “You are perfect the way you are.” 🙂

Donna took the “What color best describes you?” quiz and the result is Brown.
Your Personality is best described by Brown! Now when most people they think ‘Ewww!’ Well no. You’re personality is warm and caring, you are very self-conscious and always trying to fit in, even tho your real friends are always by your side telling you about what an amazing person you are. You may not be pencil thin but you have the most beautiful heart and soul, your very intelligent and usually considered a geek. Don’t ever let anything like that bring you down! You are perfect the way you are.. (:
I never thought that being called a “geek” would be flattering, but I like the independent sound of it. Then if you pair up intelligent and geek – well, I’ll buy that. I’m warm and caring and amazing even if I am a wee bit self-conscious with NO self-esteem. But my heart and soul are beautiful. Who could ask for anything more? I love that I am perfect just the way I am!
So there!
Well … okay … so who wants to be pencil-thin anyway?????

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  1. Donna,
    Based on the description, I agree that you are definitely “brown” in color (and personality).
    How Sheen

    Comment by How Sheen | March 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. i agree to!! you are definitely a brown!!!

    Comment by kaya | March 24, 2010 | Reply

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