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Musings #16 Chile, Earthquake, Tsunami, and Playa Troncones

I am sad for the people of Chile. I can’t imagine the horror they are living through right now after their huge quake of 8.8. I can not even fathom the magnitude of that disaster. They report that it was 100 times stronger than the earthquake that devastated Haiti last month.

Life hangs by a thread for most of us. We never know what will happen in the next moment. I’m sure that the people of Haiti were living normal lives the hours before their quake – everyday stuff … washing clothes, cooking dinner, going to work, dreaming dreams –  just as were the Chileans. We walk upon this earth, solid footing beneath our feet … or so it seems. But when the Earth shudders, our towns and villages fall to their knees looking nothing more than children’s blocks. It is humbling.

David and I spent the day glued to our computers gathering as much information about the tsunami as we could. As the day passed, Hawaii was the center of attention for most folks. We, too, kept vigil as the estimated time of arrival of the tsunami drew near. We watched as the water receded from the shore revealing a coral reef – not usually seen. Then within minutes covering that reef with waves again.

But our focus was split between Hawaii and a small part of Mexico – a beach called, Playa Troncones where Jared and three of his friends are spending the week. Playa Troncones is located on the west coast of Mexico on Manzanillo Bay near Puerto Vallarta. In our search for information, I stumbled on a news article reporting that the tsunami hit Huatulco, just north of Troncones. Though many boats were tossed about and upended, it didn’t appear that too much damage occurred. I was glad of that.

As the day wore on, I longed for a phone call from Jared to tell me that he was okay. I never received it. He called home last Sunday, the day before he left for Mexico, to let me know he would be out of contact for the week. The house he and his friends are staying at has no TV, radio or computer. No outside communication. It’s an ideal get-away, excepting when part of the world is falling apart.

A friend of the travelers emailed me to inform me that she had spoken with Mark, Jared’s fellow traveler and good friend. As I expected, they had no idea about the quake. In fact they had just returned from surfing.

So the good news is that there really is no news. And as they say — No news is Good News!

But I am still longing to hear Jared’s voice.


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  1. Hey Donna — sounds like a few terrifying hours. Its hard to imagine in today’s world that they were clueless..I imagine a place like that doesn’t have a warning system — I guess its over now. Like you said..No news is good news. Hope you hear from him soon

    Comment by Kathy Figurski | February 28, 2010 | Reply

  2. I’ll update when I do hear from him. MONDAY!

    Comment by donnaodonnellfigurski | February 28, 2010 | Reply

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