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TidBits About Donna #12 The Good Night Kiss

It’s hard to remember back so many years ago when I was only 15. So much time has passed, but there are a few memories which linger in my mind to haunt me. One of them is the Kiss Good Night, and I don’t mean the peck on the cheek as my mother or father bid me good sleep til morning either. It’s the Good Night Kiss at the end of a date. That was always a high-stress time for me.

It goes something like this. The boy – any boy – arrives at the door. My father always looked him over. After the reminder to be home on time, to be careful, and the almost forgotten wish to have fun, we would finally escape to his car. If it was a first date or the second or third, there was always the fear of what if I don’t have anything to say. Silence! That uncomfortable state! It was almost as bad as talking about the weather. Off we’d go to a dance, a movie, or to the Home drive-in restaurant. Yes, the drive-in restaurant had car hops to take your order and deliver your cheeseburgers, fries, and cokes. Sometimes we’d double date with friends. That was fun.

As the night wore on and the clock ticked closer to the bewitching hour – my curfew – my stress level would rise – soar even, with some boys. For the price of a movie, a dance or the French fries, they expected a Good Night Kiss.

When we arrived at the door I tried to pass a breezy, thanks a lot. I had a nice time. But, no, that would not do. They were going to get their just due. The boy would linger, edging closer, his hand resting on my back. Daddy-y-y-y, where were you? I was not afraid of silence then. I prattled on and on usually about nothing trying to ward off those looming lips. I figured if I talked long enough, soon my father would rescue me or the boy would get tired and go home – kissless. That never happened. As my date’s lips covered mine the gnashing of the teeth began. My parents never told me about that. They never told me that my date would nearly suffocate me either. All I could think of while he was sucking my last breath, was I promise I will make my bed every morning without being asked to, I’ll eat the liver and onions with no complaints, clean my brother’s room, do the dishes … anything … if only this would end … and I was still alive. It did finally end and between covert gasps of air, I again thanked my date and quickly stepped into the house, putting the screen door between us.

Before his car even left the driveway, I was in the bathroom with my Crest.

(Disclaimer: I learned the meaning of a “real” kiss when I was 16. That date is now my husband.)

(Clip Art compliments of Anne’s Place Valentine Gifs & Backgrounds)


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