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TidBits About Donna #8 No Ordinary Slot for Me

I was a cheerleader in seventh and eighth grade for the boy’s basketball team. It was a coveted position. I don’t remember how many girls tried out, but I know I was dying to be chosen … and so were they. If I made the squad it would mean I was in the “in” crowd. Right? Actually, though, that wasn’t so. Sure, I rode the bus to all the games with all of the other cheerleaders and the basketball players. I went to all the practices. I learned all of the cheers and I was good at them, too. But I never quite felt “in.” Although I pretended to be, I felt on the fringe.

It took a lot of years and that much more maturity to realize I would never fit into an ordinary slot. My brain just didn’t work that way. Now I cherish my differentness … my uniqueness. I walk alone, but I walk with assuredness, confidence, independence, and yes, even sometimes with an aloofness. These qualities were hard-earned. They molded me into the woman I am today. They formed my life-views, my character … essentially my essence, and I won’t part with any of them.

I won’t part with the memories of my cheerleading days either. I loved getting on the bus to travel to new schools. I also loved my red wool pleated skirt and the white blouse that was my uniform. “Jimmy, Jimmy, he’s our man. If Jimmy can’t do it, no one can!” Give me a “B.” “Give me an “O.” Give me a “B-B-Y.”  “Go, Bobby, Go Bobby, Shoot it high.” I stomped and clapped and yelled and cheered my way through eighth grade. And I’m still stomping and clapping and yelling and cheering my way through life.


January 13, 2010 - Posted by | Anything Writing, TidBits About Donna

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